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Ero Cras
December 24, 2011, 7:18 pm
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ERO CRAS: I will be there tomorrow.

I love a good old timey Latin Advent acrostic!

We are having a relaxing Christmas Eve day before going to my folks house for Christmas Eve dinner.

Our sweet boy has been dying to put the ornaments on the tree for weeks and will be so excited for the chance to decorate it tonight. Tomorrow we will eat cinnamon rolls, light the Christ Candle in the center of our Advent wreath, go to Christmas Mass, and then spend the afternoon with food and presents at Daniel’s parents house. I’m so grateful we’re not traveling one bit!

I’m so excited for Lucy’s first Christmas! She is the happiest and sweetest of babies and I can’t get enough of her precious baby scent and amazingly goofy smiles. I cover her little face with kisses all day and night.

She’s getting nice and chubby!

“Every baby is the sweetest and the best.” Name that quote.



May She Walk Always as a Child of the Light…
November 14, 2011, 2:30 am
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Our precious Lucy Elanor’s Baptism was this afternoon. What a wonderful day!

Her sweet dress was made for and worn by my cousins, Jennifer and Michelle, when they were baptized and I wore it when I was dedicated as a baby.

Here’s our new awesome priest, Father Tim, holding Lucy next to the baptismal font.

What a blessed day! I can’t stop smelling her head which still smells so sweet from the oil she was anointed with. She was so calm during the whole thing and didn’t even wake up when the water was poured on her little head. Lucy’s godmother, Colleen, was there and her husband, Titus, was proxy for Luke, Lucy’s godfather who is in Texas and couldn’t be there today. We were also joined by wonderful friends and family and celebrated afterward with treats at our house.

Aren’t these little cakes from Daniel’s mom adorable?!


Beautiful Lucy and beautiful Ooma!

Beautiful Lucy and beautiful Marmee!

Precious, glorious day!