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Mr. Cool Man
February 1, 2012, 12:15 pm
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Just a quick note to say Happy St. Brigid’s Day! Here’s last year’s menu over at Feast!

I feel like this blog has been very Lucy heavy lately so here’s a few gems from the ever quotable Benjamin:


“What are taxes? Those spikey plants?”

“I think you’re thinking of cactus, Benjamin.”


“Did Jesus make gravity? Well, tell him to stop because I don’t like it when things fall down.”


His good idea of the week: “Star Wars reading nook.”


And on our way to the park yesterday he asked, “Can I wear Daddy’s bear hat so that I can be Mr. Cool Man?”

So many things about that statement crack me up. First of all, why does Daniel have that hat? Secondly, isn’t hilariously sad that Benjamin thinks it will up his cool factor? And thirdly, “Mr. Cool Man” just makes me think of Arrested Development when George Michael keeps calling himself Mr. Manager.

Oh, dear boy. With parents like us, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever be Mr. Cool Man.


A Busy St. Brigid’s Day
February 2, 2011, 2:25 am
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Benjamin and I started out St. Brigid’s Day by coloring this picture I found here, at Waltzing Matilda. This Catholic blogger, Charlotte, makes these coloring pages for all sorts of saints and holy days. This is actually the second one we made. He sent the first one with Daddy so he could look at it at work.

After the Jr. Museum with a new friend and her little boy, Benjamin fell asleep in the car on the way home but never went back down for a nap. So, we just soldiered on with a long walk with Tryna and Baby Jonah, a trip to the grocery store, and started cooking our little feast.

Chickpea Soup, Irish Oat Bread, and Honey Butter. Yum. Read more about St. Brigid and see the recipes at Feast!

To remind me for next year, there are some children’s books about St. Brigid that I want to get to read to Benjamin. Titles: The Life of Saint Brigid: Abbess of Kildare, Saint Brigid’s Cloak, and Saint Brigid and the Cows.