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This Week’s Miscellany: Vol 9
April 20, 2012, 2:45 pm
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Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: St. George’s Day on Monday! I don’t have a menu planned yet but we will definitely read this beautifully illustrated book to the kids. It’s one of Benjamin’s very favorite books. Do you have any St. George traditions?


Letters of Note: C.S. Lewis on Writing

Pray the Family Rosary, Distractions and All by Agnes Penny (A great reminder!)

My Life as a Failed Country Gentleman by P.J. O’Rourke: “One season of agriculture in New England explains manifest destiny. America’s westward expansion was mainly an excuse to kill raccoons and wear them as hats.”

Humility: The First of the Lively Virtues by Anthony Esolen (I’ve never read anything by Esolen that I didn’t absolutely love.)

Top 10 Things NOT to Buy If You’re Pregnant: House Unseen, Life Unscripted This is so right.

10 Easy Natural Household Switches (That Anyone Can Make): Keeper of the Home

The Quotable Benjamin:

“Can I have s’more jelly beans? I mean, garbanzo beans?” – candy-deprived 3-year-old, gobbling up chick peas like there’s no tomorrow.

“I think our next-door neighbors are pirates.”

“Would you like a bite of my om-a-lette, Mama? Here, open up your little bird mouth and I’ll let you taste it!”

“Let’s go outside so I can grow a beard. Do you think we have the right kind of seeds?”

Pictures Worth Sharing:

Benjamin seems to be completely over his asthma attack of last weekend. And thank goodness because the boy does not stop moving. So I had to say the phrase, “SLOW YOUR BODY DOWN” at least 500 times when he was still under Dr’s orders to take it easy. I took this picture during naptime, the only time the constant wild motion stops…

This sweet girl has a little temperature this morning. She’s acting normal and eating well so I’m just gonna keep an eye on it.

There’s something about a baby girl in a sundress that just slays me. Giant forehead!

When Daniel cooks it makes me want to give up cooking forever. He makes amazing things that look so purty. This was Short Ribs in Asian Black Bean Sauce, Cinnamon Cumin Glazed Carrots, Rice Noodles with Tofu and Egg, and Salad from the Garden.

Springtime in the South is just…..perfect. Confederate Jasmine has to be my favorite scent.

I just bought one of the Mamapedia deals for ($20 for $40 worth of products) and I think I’m going to use it to get Lucy some cloth training pants. Do you get the Mamapedia emails? I found out about them from Brittany and the nifty thing is that you get $10 credit anytime someone you shared the deal with makes a purchase, so usually I’ve got some credit in the account and I feel like I’m always getting freebies. There’s another one available for 50% off Bumkins, too. Speaking of cloth diapers…I’ve got a cloth diaper giveaway in the works. More on that soon.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m throwing a friend a cloth diaper shower tomorrow in celebration of her baby girl’s upcoming arrival. Got any weekend plans?

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1) m.b. is very likely some sort of pirate.
2) is that the dinner you had last night!? you’re making me sadder that we couldn’t stay! we had a pretty great dinner last nice, plus awesome pig-suturing practice…but that looks incredible.
3) based on those ridiculously cute photos, you DO need to have at least 10 children. it wouldn’t be right to withhold all the adorableness from the world.

Comment by Lois

*all that adorableness

Comment by Lois

Good to hear Benjamin is feeling better and Lucy is incredibly precious in these photos

Comment by Mrs.Stopnik

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