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This Week’s Miscellany: Vol 8
April 15, 2012, 8:34 pm
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First of all, sweet Benjamin is home from the hospital. We are so thankful that he only had to stay one night before being released. He really was very very good for an insanely active  3-year-old who has to sit still on a bed for 24 hours. He tried to be very brave and was so good and cooperative when they removed his IV even though he cried hard enough to break this mama’s heart. We’ve been trying to keep him quiet and still (yeah RIGHT) as best we can. It doesn’t help that albuterol and the steroids they prescribed him make him super WIRED. But we’ve been playing cards, reading books, and watching movies as much as we can. Right now he’s at the IMAX seeing The Lorax with Daddy as his special treat for being such a good boy at the hospital. Thanks so much for all your prayers and well wishes for him! I think we have a plan for his asthma treatment in the future and we’re going to see an allergist in a couple of weeks (his asthma is usually triggered by runny nose from colds or allergies). Look at this sad little boy in this pic from the hospital. Can you see how he’s got dark red circles around his eyes? Apparently they’re called allergy shiners and can signal the beginning of an attack. They’re almost gone today so that means his asthma is getting under control.

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: We’re still in the octave of Easter. Celebrate! Since much of our Easter Octave was spent at various Dr’s offices and the hospital, we didn’t get to do as much celebrating as I’d hoped (although we’re certainly celebrating that Benjamin is home and getting better!). But I would love to make one of these beautiful Paschal Candles.

Links: Survival Tips for Parents of Three-Year-Olds – Natural Parents Network (Helpful since we’ve been experiencing some serious terrible threes around these parts)

Declaring War on Newborns – Andrew Ferguson

Killing Kindergarten – Amanda Moreno: “If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you would probably design something like a classroom.” (quote from John Medina)

How to Be a Good Mom on a Bad Day – Inspired to Action

 The Quotable Husband:

“The library is open Sunday! I’ll take Benjamin because I need to pick up a book about prehistoric mammals anyway.” (Oh right, of course, you do.)

“I have a confession to make. A couple years ago I used our blender to blend up raccoon brains to tan a hide. But don’t worry. I cleaned it out real good.” (Commence my full-fledged freak out.)

“Did you see the brand name of this dish towel?! ‘Thomas O’Brien!’ So, you know what that means….it’s an EVIL dish towel.” (Apparently, my attempt to get Daniel as obsessed with Downton Abbey as I am has been successful.)

The Quotable Benjamin:

“These jelly beans are gonna make us nice and fat! YUM!”

“Benjamin, please take all these stuffed animals back to your room.”
“NOOOOO, not my pile of sleeping kittens!”

Pictures Worth Sharing:

My husband grows food and makes it look amazing. This was lettuce wraps. He also made that mint julep for me after a rather long day. Really, he’s the best.

More food art by Daniel. I think it’s an Apple Banana Peacock/Loch Ness Monster.

Hope the rest of your Sunday is loverly!

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What fun food art! I’m glad to hear your little man is home safe.

Comment by Sarah O

fun food art! and I love the candle. I have decorated baptismal candles with children before and it is always a great activity.
glad your little one is well again. 🙂

Comment by greenishmonkeys

These are my favorite posts from you!

Comment by Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

so glad to hear about sweet Benjamin being home & better. but sad that you have to deal with the asthma stuff.

re: brain-tanning. You’ll be perhaps not surprised to hear that my husband has also blended a brain for the exact same purpose. You’ll be happy to hear this was not while were living for you.

Comment by Lois

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