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Our Backyard Friend and Other Instagrams
February 27, 2012, 3:07 pm
Filed under: Children

Benjamin ran into the bedroom while I was changing Lucy to tell me with eyes as big as saucers, “I looked out the window and GUESS WHAT I SAW?! AN OWL!!! A BIG ‘OL OWL!” Sometimes Benjamin makes up little animal tales like, “Mama, a little kitty cat is coming to visit you!” so I’m never sure exactly what’s really happening. But he was VERY excited so I ran to the window and sure enough: giant owl. Benjamin told me, “At first I thought he was STUFFED because he was so STILL! But then he MOVED!”  It was all very exciting.

Benjamin looks so much like his uncle in this one. We’ve been going through some “terrible threes” with this little guy. We’re trying some new approaches to discipline. Time outs haven’t been very effective lately so I started taking away one of the stuffed animals from his menagerie on his bed when he is whining, talking back, or disobeying. Any advice on how to deal with the threes? Benjamin was really very sweet during the twos so these challenges are pretty new to us…and a little exhausting.

And this little girl is still sweet as pie. She is always squealing with joy. Almost 15 lbs and I’m loving her chubbiness! She just started rolling over consistently this week. Benjamin rolled over super super early but Lucy is so delightfully laid back. I think she’s going to take her time with everything. I can’t believe she’s already 4 months. I am so not looking forward to moving to solid foods–nursing her is just so easy. I’m definitely waiting until 6 months and maybe even later depending on her interest. Unfortunately, being sick recently really messed up her awesome sleeping habits and she’s now waking up 3-5 times a night. It’s a big bummer after getting spoiled with only waking up once, maybe twice a night. This mama is feeling pretty exhaustified.

And for less interesting news, I finally got my hair cut after months and months and dyed it red again, yay!

Oh, and I found a great deal for the National Geographic Little Kids Magazine that Benjamin LOVES to get in the mail. It’s usually $23 for a subscription but you can get it for $8 by using the code: NATGEOLK2. I think the deal is over tomorrow, though, so if you want to order it you should probably do it today. He gets so excited to receive mail just for him. It’s pretty cute.

I am loving having a healthy household after a lot of sleepless nights when everyone was sick!


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