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Wanted: Your Natural Cold Remedies
February 12, 2012, 4:20 pm
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Ironically, I’m a little bit awesome at going through childbirth without meds, but I’m a complete baby when it comes to dealing with the excruciating condition of having a cold. I think Raleigh’s final words in this clip kind of sum it up:

That little Tenenbaums reference was for my big brother who HATES Tenenbaum references. Just a little sibling banter. Cute, right?

First Benjamin got a runny nose which triggered his asthma. Breathing treatments weren’t enough to make the wheezing/coughing go away so Daniel had to take him to Urgent Care to get his oxygen levels checked and to get Prednisone. Daniel slept in his room last night to comfort him when he woke up coughing and to give him a 2am breathing treatment. Benjamin seems to be a little better today. Poor sweet boy!

Last night Lucy woke up coughing and sneezing and I woke up with what feels like a sinus infection. Not much sleep was to be had after that. I can tell that she’s not completely herself, but she’s still a precious, sunny, smiley baby today. I on the other hand, am a whining, miserable mama. So, since I’d like to try some natural remedies before taking anything over the counter since I’m still nursing Miss Lucy, I want all your cold/sinus infection natural remedies. Give them here! And in return…I think I’ll post a giveaway in the next couple of days that involves Miss Austen and those beautiful clothbound Penguin classics.

Carrots for Michaelmas is about to hit 20,000 views and 50 subscribers (as far as I can tell from Google Reader and WordPress, how can you really tell accurately?) so as a thanks to you guys, I think a Giveaway is in order.

My current plan to fight this monstrous cold is to drink unreasonable amounts of hot tea and all the raw garlic I can stand in between hot baths. Now let’s just hope that Daniel doesn’t get sick because then the household would REALLY fall apart.

p.s. Your recommendations of miniseries, etc currently streaming on Netflix would also be greatly appreciated. What’s the use of being miserable if you can’t watch a whole lotta Masterpiece Theatre?

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i have found apple cider vinegar effective for preventing a cold from getting full-blown when you start to feel it coming on. doesnt help you much at this point. but next time.

Comment by Kaitlyn Read

also, i have cured a serious case of strep throat by steeping raw garlic into a tea several times a day. it sounds like you’re off to a good start in my book. feel better!

Comment by Kaitlyn Read

To help break up congestion, I like to make freshly grated ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon, honey, and a pinch of cayenne. feel better soon!

Comment by Diana Rudd

No tips on cold remedies, unfortunately, but watching the new BBC Sherlock miniseries on Netflix will at least be a welcome distraction!

Comment by Heidi

Just found your blog a few days ago….loooove it!! As far as colds go, try some Oil of Olbus. Weird name, but if you put a TEENSY bit on your sinuses before a nice hot shower, it’ll do wonders! But seriously, don’t use too much or your eyes will water for a while. 🙂

Comment by Mary Susan

I use ‘Chestal Honey’ (a homeopathic cough syrup) that you can get at Walgreens. Its primarily for coughs and loosening phlegm. It does have a note on the side for pregnant/breastfeeding mommas to ‘speak with a health professional first’, though.

Good luck, lady! Feel better! 🙂

Comment by claire

Apple cider mixed with something spicy you have around the house and honey. That’s what the Australians do and it helped me so much while I was there.

Comment by Cassie

Thank you, everybody! Great suggestions. And Oil of Olbus sounds like something from Harry Potter which makes it all the more fantastic. I’m feeling a lot better today and Lucy is acting alright, just wish she didn’t have pneumonia!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

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