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This Week’s Miscellany, Vol. 2
November 28, 2011, 4:22 pm
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Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: ADVENT! Yesterday marked the new liturgical year and first day of Advent. It was also the first day we used the new English translation of the Mass. I’ll do a post about our Advent preparations soon with some good links for Advent resources.

This picture is from last year. Benjamin looks so much smaller than he does now!

Listening to

My dear friend Claire shared this song with me. It’s “When I Grow Up” by the lovely ladies of First Aid Kit.

A Blog I Follow: Karen Edmisten. Karen is a Catholic author, wife, and homeschooling mother. I LOVE her book on the Holy Rosary and I want to get her devotional book about the Blessed Virgin. She has great ideas and insights on the liturgical year and I love reading quotes from her daughters who are adorable bookworms. They all sound like kindred spirits. I would like to grab a cup of coffee with her.

Interesting Links: Dangerous Books for Teenage Girls by Simcha Fisher

The New Domesticity: Fun, Empowering, or a Step Back for American Women? by Emily Matchar

Wanting: This beautiful dress on Etsy in green lace:

The only problem is that I have no idea what size I am post-Baby Lucy or what size I will end up being in a few months. Best wait for a bit.

A Quote I Heard This Week:

“We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that holds back nothing for self….
The truest crosses are those we do not choose ourselves….
He who has Jesus has everything.”
~St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
 (found on Karen Edmisten’s blog)
A Picture Worth Sharing:
Took Lucy to her first performance of The Nutcracker yesterday! She slept through the whole thing. Our SGB dancers were so beautiful and fantastic. I’m so proud of them!
P.S. Go ahead and enter my Giveaway for pretty beeswax candles here.

GIVEAWAY! (NOW CLOSED) Beeswax Candles from Local Apiary: Full Moon Farm
November 26, 2011, 6:53 pm
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While the boys enjoy a well-deserved nap, Lucy and I are relaxing and coming up with a Giveaway for you, dear reader, as I enjoy a post-Thanksgiving-madness/week-of-illness cup of tea. We’re all mostly better, just a little congested. Benjamin’s breathing is easier and Lucy never got a fever, so I think we’re out of the woods with this bug before the new week begins. Yay!

And here’s the giveaway…

Two beautiful beeswax candles from Monticello, FL Apiary, Full Moon Farm! You can see Full Moon Farm around at the Lake Ella Farmer’s Market and other Tallahassee farmer’s markets as well as Tupelo Bakery and the Jefferson’s Farmer’s Market in Monticello. You can also check them out by “liking” Full Moon Apiary on Facebook which has updates about which days they will be at which farmer’s market. I love to support local business and I LOVE beeswax candles. Their natural color and scent is so wonderful. At Lucy’s Baptism, Fr. Tim mentioned when explaining the lighting of candles in the rite that beeswax is the preferred substance for liturgical candles, not only because of its high quality and clean aromatic burn, but also because the bee is a symbol for Christ, tirelessly caring for His Church. Another reason to love beeswax!

It’s a great time for candles as the season of Advent approaches (tomorrow!!!) followed by Christmastide. You could use one for the Christ Candle in the center of your Advent wreath or you could save your candles until Candlemas in February and have them blessed for use in domestic liturgical celebrations for the year.

So…to enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post. To get a second entry, subscribe via email or RSS feed and leave a second comment to let me know you did (or that you’re already a subscriber). Giveaway ends Friday, December 2nd at midnight and I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner. I’ll announce the winner Saturday, December 3rd.

Disclosure: Full Moon Farm doesn’t know who I am. I’m just saying thanks to my readers/subscribers with a fun gift and promoting some good local farming.


And the winner is…..Comment #3: Brittany of Sweetly in the Trees  Congrats! Email or FB me your address and I’ll send them next week 🙂


Thanksgiving 2011
November 26, 2011, 5:09 pm
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Lucy donned some fall colors and snuggled with her Grandaddy while last minute preparations were made.

She also snuggled with Marmee. Look at her blue eyes! I wonder if there’s any chance that they’ll stay that way. Benjamin’s were dark grey/brown the moment he was born.

Then she fell asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, just like you’re supposed to.

How wonderful to have our family and friends gathered at our house. And I love Florida were we can eat Thanksgiving dinner outside and enjoy lovely weather!

Our sweet boy had a blast with our full house of folks and was so excited that he hardly ate a bite of food.

But then he needed to snuggle with Marmee for a little while. Also, check out baby sister’s adorable boots.

When I asked him why he was balancing his apple cider on the arm of the couch, he explained, “That’s what Uncle Garrett’s doing.” Fair enough.

Our Thanksgiving was full of wonderful things like too many pieces of Butterscotch Pie, conversation and coffee, and dear folk all around. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, too!

I’m Thankful for…
November 24, 2011, 3:15 pm
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In no particular order…

1. Our Faith- the past two years since our conversion to Catholicism have been so full of grace. Praise the Lord!

2. Our families – the blessings of having all of our family in one place are innumerable! Including…

3. Not having to travel over the holiday weekend!

4. Daniel: most wonderful husband and father I can imagine. Works so hard and takes such good care of us.

5. My sweet boy, Benjamin. Life would be so boring without his antics. His sweetness, joy, silliness, and snuggles are the light of my life.

6. Lucy, my little autumn baby. So thankful for our newest treasure’s sweetness and tranquility. So different from her big brother, she is her own little soul, so precious and beloved.

7. Nebulizers. Sweet boy had his second asthma attack this week 😦 So grateful for a good doctor and the technology to take care of our little man. (Yes, I actually said I’m thankful for technology.)

8. No fever for Lucy! Lucy caught the same cold that triggered Benjamin’s asthma attack. Thankfully, she seems to be just fine other than a little bit snotty. The doctor said that because she’s less than 2 months old, if she gets a fever above 100.4, they’ll have to admit her to the hospital. So far so good, though! Say a prayer that she’s on her way out of this cold and that a fever won’t show up!

9. Advent beginning on Sunday. A new liturgical year!

10. Our home in which to celebrate the day with our family and friends!

Pregnant Ballerinas!
November 21, 2011, 11:26 pm
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My fellow former ballerina and fellow teacher at the ballet school, Jenna, had the brilliant idea to document our pregnancies this past year by taking photos at the studio.

Barely showing!

Tiny Bellies!

August and looking very pregnant!

And even more pregnant!

My last day of teaching. SO BIG.

Pregnant no more! Baby Lucy and Baby Sam in all their glory. Also…how awesome does Jenna look just three weeks after delivery?!

This Week’s Miscellany, Vol. 1
November 19, 2011, 11:28 pm
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Coming up in the Liturgical Year: Tuesday is St. Cecelia’s Day and also the anniversary of Benjamin’s Baptism!

We’re going to light his baptismal candle and we’ll probably read Water, Come Down!: The Day You Were Baptized.

Listening to: Florence and the Machine: Ceremonials

I can’t stop listening to “Shake It Out.” And her hair…I can’t wait til Elizabeth Joy is back from maternity leave and can make my hair good and red again!

A Blog I Follow: A Beautiful Mess: A gal named Elsie’s posts on vintage fashion, DIY projects, and all sorts of fun.

I’m Excited About: The new feature film version of Wuthering Heights. I recently watched the most recent BBC miniseries and really enjoyed it. I remember seeing the Ralph Fiennes/Juliette Binoche version with my brother years ago and that it terrified both of us. I saw this video of the Mumford and Sons song they wrote for the new movie on Abigail’s blog

‎Some Quotes I Heard This Week: “One of the vicious trends which outrage our modern industrial civilization is a kind of asceticism at the service of the useful, a kind of unholy mortification for the sake of no superior life. Men are still capable of excitation and relaxation, but almost deprived of any pleasure and rest of the soul – a life which would seem insane even to the great materialists of antiquity. They flog themselves, renounce the sweetness of the world and all the ornaments of the terrestrial abode, omnem ornatum saeculi, with the single incentive of working, working, working, and acquiring technological empire over matter…and even the churches in which they pray are not uncommonly masterworks in ugliness” – Jacques Maritiain, “The Craving for Magical Knowledge, The Dismissal of Beauty”

‎”This life is too much trouble, far too strange, to arrive at the end of it and then to be asked what you make of it and have to answer “Scientific humanism.” That won’t do. A poor show. Life is a mystery, love is a delight. Therefore I take it as axiomatic that one should settle for nothing less than the infinite mystery and the infinite delight, i.e., God. In fact I demand it. I refuse to settle for anything less. I don’t see why anyone should settle for less than Jacob, who actually grabbed aholt of God and would not let go until God identified himself and blessed him.” – Walker Percy

Wanting: A copy of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. Daniel and I went to a performance at Ruby Diamond last weekend and loved it. I think I need it for the Christmastide so I don’t wear out Handel’s Messiah.

A Picture Worth Sharing

Benjamin Bear riding a pony for the very first time! It’s name was Dapples.


Saturday Morning Date With My Lucygirl
November 19, 2011, 7:14 pm
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I took this little lady on a coffee date this morning and snuggled her while drinking my cafe con leche and reading the third and final Kristin Lavransdatter book. What a great trilogy!

Lucybird’s sweater was knit by a beautiful and precious friend in Texas. It was made for Benjamin but I think it looks better on a girl. The buttons are turtles! How cute is that!?

These days, I’m also reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford. Delightful!

What are you reading?