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Still Pregnant…
October 8, 2011, 11:39 pm
Filed under: Pregnancy

Just a quick update:

I’m still pregnant. Not much news on that front.

Benjamin is still at his grandparents house (we have the most amazing families!) and is getting better. Today his fever started to go away, but he still has the rash on his little hands. Although the virus stays in your system for several weeks, it is most contagious during the first week after symptoms occur so he’s going to go back to my parents house tomorrow night and hopefully he can come home on Wednesday night! We miss him so much. Life is way too quiet and efficient and boring without him!

I’ve been trying to stay busy and distracted while I impatiently wait for Lucy’s arrival and Benjamin’s homecoming. Last night I went to see Colleen Nixon’s concert with my mom. This morning we went to the Titanic exhibit at the Brogan and the annual Quilt Show at the Museum of Fl. History before a delicious lunch at Harry’s in Kleman Plaza. Then Erin and I went to see Midnight in Paris at the dollar (technically THREE DOLLAR) movies. Now I’m watching movies and shows while I finish washing all of Lucy’s clothes and blankets. I guess I’ll eventually run out of nesting to do. Or maybe I’ll just get ridiculous and start cleaning baseboards on my hands and knees with a toothbrush.

Keep praying for us while we miss our sweet boy! Pray for his recovery and for a safe delivery for Lucy and I and that she will not catch Hands, Foot, and Mouth when she arrives. Thank you everybody for all your prayers, phone calls, and support. We have the best friends and the most fantastic family (two sets of grandparents!). We are so thankful to have so many amazing folks in our lives.


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