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Poor Benjamin
October 6, 2011, 8:21 pm
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Well, Benjamin has Hands, Foot, and Mouth. As I said in my last update, sweet Benjamin has been quarantined away from me at Marmee’s because even though he didn’t have symptoms, he would have been contagious if he’d picked it up from the kids we played with this weekend. Last night he complained to Marmee that his mouth hurt and today he woke up from his nap with a fever. Marmee took him to the pediatrician’s office and the Dr. confirmed that he does have Hands, Foot, and Mouth virus: mouth lesions and fever are the only symptoms so far but we will need to watch for chest congestion and sore throat.

The Dr. reiterated that I should not be with Benjamin until he’s better. He’s been at Marmee’s since Monday night. I have never been away from him this long and I’ve never been away from him when he’s sick! It’s honestly horribly hard for me and I’m having a meltdown about it. I just miss my little boy SO MUCH and I hate that he feels crummy and that I’m not there to snuggle him. But we really can’t risk Lucy getting sick so I don’t think we have another option. Praise the Lord that we have such amazing family in town that is willing and able to help and who Benjamin loves so much.

Please keep praying for us. Pray that I will be able to handle the separation and that Benjamin would recover quickly and not be too miserable. Pray for my continued health and also for safety during delivery for me and Lucy and protection for her from this virus after she’s born.

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Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that Benjamin caught the illness. I know it must be so hard to be away from him but you’re doing what’s best for everyone, including Benjamin! I hope he has a speedy recovery and is able to meet little Lucy when she gets here!

Comment by Jeni

Oh, this is terribly sad. I’m so proud of you though for jumping on this and taking care early in this process.

Comment by Sonya Cronin

I am praying for you and your little man while you’re doing through such a difficult time. ❤

Comment by H2Mommy (@H2Mommy)

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