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39 Week Update
October 6, 2011, 12:35 am
Filed under: Pregnancy

Thanks everyone for your prayers! We feel so covered in prayer and filled with peace.

So far I’m feeling fine so I don’t think that I caught Hands, Foot, and Mouth (hopefully, I was exposed to it as a child and am now immune.) Sweet Benjamin has been having slumber parties at Marmee and Grandaddy’s house the last couple of nights since he is most likely to have caught the virus. We feel bad for quarantining him away from me but think it’s the best thing we can do to protect Lucy and I from getting sick! He has been having such a good time at Marmee’s house for the past two days that he said he was just “too busy” to talk to Mama on the phone. In fact, the first thing he said to Marmee after waking from his nap today was , “Marmee! We’re having SO MUCH FUN!”  He finally “had time” to talk to me on the phone tonight and seems to be starting to miss home a little bit. I’m so ready for him to come back home, but he started acting a little bit sick tonight and has a runny nose, etc, so we think it’s best for him to stay at least one more night and we’ll check on his symptoms tomorrow. By Friday morning we should be pretty much out of the window of symptoms showing up and should know whether we’re in the clear. I sure miss my little guy!

Please keep praying for health for all of us and for a safe delivery for our sweet Lucy!

My midwife yesterday said that I’m still about 1cm dilated and about 50% effaced. I delivered Benjamin at 39 weeks so I wasn’t really expecting to make it to 39 weeks with this pregnancy but….we’re still waiting. I’m taking lots of naps, doing baby laundry to get ready for her, and taking long baths while I can! I’m getting impatient but I know she’ll be worth the wait.

Thank you again for all your prayers for our health and safety!

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