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Prayer Request
October 4, 2011, 12:57 am
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We found out this afternoon that this weekend we were all exposed to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Although it’s usually a mild illness, if a pregnant woman close to delivery catches the virus, it can be transferred to the newborn and in certain cases can be very serious, even fatal for the infant. At this point we don’t know if any of us have it, but we spent several hours with children who were contagious and didn’t know it so…it’s probably likely.  The chance that it will cause serious harm to Lucy is not likely, but the possibility is very scary to me. I have an appointment with my midwife in the morning and I might consult my OB-GYN as well. Not that there’s really anything we can do right know except wait to see if any symptoms show up this week. By Sunday we’ll know if we’re in the clear.

Please pray that none of us caught it and particularly that Lucy is safe. If you’re going to say prayers or rosaries for us, would you let me know? I think it would encourage us.

Daniel and I went to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at our parish tonight to pray for Lucy’s safety. I was reminded that Our Lord loves Lucy even more than we do , that she belongs first and foremost to Him, and that He is in control. While praying the Joyful Mysteries I realized that Our Lady is honored not for her ability to protect her Son, Our Lord, from harm or danger, but in her humble and faithful submission to God: Let it be to me, according to Thy will.

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We are praying for you guys!

Comment by katryna

the embrys are praying for you four.

Comment by megan embry

love to you and your family! praying peace and comfort, stillness and rest in our lord.

Comment by ElizabethJoy

Jeff and I are praying right now.

Here’s my favorite fear-be-gone prayer

“Be the cloak of Michael Militant over me.  Be the cloak of the Archangel around me.  Christ’s cloak, Blessed Savior, safeguarding me.  God’s cloak of strength and mercy shielding me.  To guard me at the back.  To protect me from the front.  From the top of my head to the heel of my foot.  The cloak of Heaven’s High King between me and all things that wish me harm, all things that wish me ill, all things coming darkly at me.  In the Name of the Sacred Three-in-One, Amen.”

Comment by Holly

I love that prayer, Holly. Thanks!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

You have the focus of all my positive energy for the health and safety of your family and little unborn Lucy. I sincerely hope that everything turns out wonderfully.

Comment by lindsey rodan

sterchis are praying for you. peace and love.

Comment by kate

We are praying for all four of you!

Comment by Ellery

The Yankee Bowerses are on it. Love to you all!

Comment by Katherine

Sending peace and prayers, your way.

Comment by Emily Wootton Lentini

We are praying for you all, especially little Lucy.

Comment by Amy

i will be thinking of all of you. This would be very sad if you did catch it, but I am praying for you, as well as crossing fingers and toes.

Comment by Allie

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