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Waiting: Pregnancy Update Week 38
October 1, 2011, 10:15 pm
Filed under: Pregnancy

I’m still pregnant.

Now there’s nothing unreasonable about still being pregnant at 38.3 weeks EXCEPT that I’ve had almost every pre-labor symptom known to man (except my water breaking) in the past week. On three different nights last week I had a few contractions strong enough to think…hmmm, is this it? It was not it.

But the good news is that my midwife told me last Tuesday that I was already dilated 1cm and very effaced. Baby Lucy is in the right position and very low so…it really could be anytime. I’m guessing on Monday. Anybody want to make a prediction?

While we’re waiting for this little lady to make her arrival (wouldn’t today be a great day on St. Therese of Lisieux’s Day, Baby Lucy?) we’re LOVING the fall weather and making preparations.

This is her changing table nook in our bedroom (we expect that she’ll sleep in our room for at least the first year, just like Benjamin did). Daniel created this beautiful changing table out of an old black desk. Isn’t it lovely!?

We’ve also been soaking up as much special time with our little boy as we can before he has to share our attention with a new baby. He’s been so precious lately and definitely seems to know that changes are afoot. He’s been wanting to snuggle constantly which is fine by me.

Here’s one of his new favorite pretend games: Computer Work:

But his favorite play is still digging in the dirt. Obviously.


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