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Hello, Third Trimester
August 24, 2011, 8:17 am
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It’s 4am and I am battling some lovely third trimester insomnia due to:

A: Waking up to pee every two hours.

B: Hearing a weird rustling in the ceiling that may have been “the wretched mouse.” (We haven’t seen or heard from TWM for weeks, thank goodness, but…is he/she back?)

C: Inexplicable hunger.

D: The heat of August that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

E: A giant belly that is seriously getting in the way of finding any comfortable sleeping position.

After mid-pregnancy was really fantastic (we had a good run, second trimester!), halfway into the third trimester I’m starting to really feel those pregnancy symptoms. I’m TIRED all of a sudden, having trouble sleeping, and a little emotionally on edge. I’m also having more achy sensations than my last pregnancy. Every few days I’ve been having some menstrual-like cramping if I’m on my feet too long. It goes away immediately if I put my feet up, so I’m not too worried about it, but I’ll mention it to my midwife at my appointment tomorrow (today?). Last time I didn’t have any of those sensations until I was a week away from delivery, but every pregnancy is different and I started having them around 28 weeks this time around. Anybody else have this? My concern is that if I get the cramping too often they’ll put me on bed rest…so my ability to teach ballet and take care of a toddler would definitely take a dive. My plan is just to take it easy as much as I can.

The pregnancy is finally becoming real. Daniel and I preregistered at the hospital (which, conveniently is in walking distance from our house…maybe I’ll just walk myself into labor in a few weeks and show up at their door?) so we don’t have to fill out any paperwork when we arrive for Lucy’s delivery. The staff in the “women’s pavilion” were so helpful and walked us around for a little impromptu tour of the labor and delivery rooms and post-partum rooms. Apparently, their policy is to stay in the hospital for two days after a vaginal delivery which seems a little long to me. Last time we stayed two days and it was just TOO LONG. So I’ll ask the midwife about whether she can ok us to leave sooner if everything is dandy.

After several days of “the terrible twos” last week, Benjamin is having a very sweet week. But lately, bedtime has been a challenge. We see his little face peeking out of his door with requests of varying degrees of absurdity including:

“I need some waaaaaater!”

“I need to go pottyyyyyyyy!”

“I need you to snuuuuuuggle with meeeee!”

“I need to get covered up!”

“I need a soooooong!”

“I need more animals in my bed!”

“I’m ready to wake up now!”

“I had a good naptime, is it over yet?!”

“I need some gummy treats!”


I guess we’re just going to have to crack down on the getting out of bed trick. I think since we potty trained we got more lenient about getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, but now he’s manipulating that and staying up til he’s overtired. He’ll tell us he needs to pee at least five times and then when we don’t let him out for that anymore, he tries to convince us he needs to poop. The little stinker.

I’ll post an update in the near future about my midwife appt tomorrow. It’s one of the midwives that I really like and I’m going to try to remember to ask her what position she thinks Lucy is in. I always have the hardest time telling which baby body part is which.

And what’s the deal with red raspberry tea? Am I supposed to drink it now? I read a bunch of warnings about drinking it in earlier pregnancy but now I keep seeing stuff about how it helps with delivery, etc. Fill me in, folks.

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I got the cramping with Jax a lot in my third trimester. Obviously, everything was fine. 🙂 Could it be braxton hicks? I was having contractions constantly towards the end but never dialated or made ANY progress. It was a total bummer.

Comment by Jeni

I’m glad to hear it’s not a really unusual thing! I don’t think it was braxton hicks because it didn’t feel like a tightening or contraction-like sensation. Just more crampy.

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

Oh, Bela is The Trickster when it comes to bed and nap. And, he has a big problem with authority…not so much defiant, as, well, crazy. Like, screaming and throwing himself down and curling up in fetal position if I so much as mention the words “privilege” or “discipline.” But yes, I am acquainted with the water and tee tee and more cuddles and more toys and on and on. One of his favorite lines is, “This just doesn’t make SENSE!” Of course, 99% of the time it is said when things do make perfect sense. Like at 10:49 pm. It’s just bedtime. I love him, though, of course. He’s such a snuggly little lovey jokester.

I love the name Lucy, and I am so excited to hear about her coming! How many weeks are you now?

I don’t have any advice for red raspberry. I drank it a lot, all throughout, off and on. I did take 5 weeks supplements with Bela which I think helped a lot. Check those out. His birth felt so good; I think those herbs gave me some help.

Comment by Amy

Sweet Bela! Hopefully we’ll be in Waco in March and maybe we could see you guys. I’m dying to meet the new little gal!

And thanks! I really love the name Lucy, we’re still debating on her middle name. I’m 33 weeks! Getting close!

Thanks for the tea and herbs recommendations! I’ll look into the 5 weeks supplements for sure.

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

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