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Benjamin at the Fire Station and Potty Training Update
August 10, 2011, 5:04 pm
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Benjamin is getting to be such a giant and has been (for the most part) super sweet this week. He has been going through a defiant stage, constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to be the boss. But this week he has been extra precious. Yesterday I took him on a tour of the Fire Station. He about lost his little two-year-old mind.

Sorry for the bad quality iPhone pics. I always seem to forget my camera during the best photo opportunities. He has told me that his very favorite moment was getting to touch the steering wheel.

The fire fighters were super nice. They seemed a little bored. I guess there’s a lot of downtime between emergencies. They even let him spray the fire hose.

I think Mama got some major brownie points. Hopefully enough to last me awhile, because the bigger my tummy, the sleepier I get and the more I just want to hang out at our house…which is a tall order if you’re the world’s most active two-year-old boy.

At least 10 times a day I have a cute attack.

Lately he’s made huge strides in potty training. He actually started potty training REALLY early by his own insistence (read the post here). But although he began pooping only in the potty (except for rare accidents) and consistently peeing in the potty, he still would have wet diapers and pull-ups several times a day. Since he started so early (before 21 months!), we didn’t push it and just let him take his time. Lately, it seems that his bladder is a little bigger and he has more control so we’ve been putting cotton undies on him whenever we’re at home to see how he does. I ordered these organic ones from Ana-K.

He thinks they are beyond awesome and gets really disappointed if he doesn’t get to wear them. He was having one or two accidents a day but hasn’t had any for a couple of days and I’ve even been letting him wear them during nap time without incident, although I put pull-ups on him at night. It would be awesome if he was totally done with pull-ups before Lucy gets here and we’re in diaper city once again, but I know kids sometimes regress with potty training when a new baby arrives so…I’m just not going to sweat it.

Our new housemates moved in last week and we are LOVING having them here. I’ll post on that later.

We celebrated the Feast of St. Dominic on Monday night with Spanish Orange Chicken, Sauteed Garden Greens, and Spanish Rice. I’ll post a link to Feast! when we’ve got the post written up.




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