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Pregnancy Update: Week 30
August 2, 2011, 10:53 am
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I can’t believe that I’m 3/4 done with this pregnancy (if I carry until 40 weeks, that is ). I still feel pretty great, although I start to lose energy by around 8 or 8:30pm. I think the prenatal yoga is helping to keep my lower back from hurting too much as I carry this growing little girl around.

All good news from our midwife last week: no gestational diabetes, just need some more iron so now I’m taking supplements. Baby Lucy’s heartbeat is strong and she seems to be growing just as she should. My blood pressure is still good and so far everything looks low risk. We’re so grateful. Please keep praying for continued health and safety for Lucy and I during our last few weeks of pregnancy.

Here’s a couple of articles I’ve read this week related to faith and womanhood/women’s issues:

Why I Nurse at the Mall…and at Mass by Kate Wicker:

“I realized that if, as I strongly believed, nursing was a part of God’s plan for helping mothers bond with their babies and a way of using my body the way He designed it to be used, then of all places, I should feel comfortable breastfeeding my children in God’s home. Christopher West, the Catholic author best known for his insightful commentary on John Paul II’sTheology of the Body, describes a nursing mother as “one of the most precious, most beautiful, and most holy of all possible images of woman.” So why should I feel ashamed nursing in church – in the presence of the Most Holy Eucharist – but not at the mall? Do I believe breasts are made to feed babies or are they just meant to be squeezed into rhinestone-clad bras for surfers to ogle on the Internet?”

God’s Fatherhood After Feminism by Matthew Milliner

“After all, that God is “Mother” is not nearly so daring as the orthodox Christian assertion that God has one.”

In other news, our dear friends, Brian and Lois, are back from Nepal and will be moving into our third bedroom today! What an adventure! I’ll keep you abreast of our latest experiment in communal living.


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Re: Nursing in Mass. Yes, of course, I agree with the concepts . . . I think this was an acceptable practice, over 70 years ago, before “formula” in a bottle.

However, am I the only reader who was off-put by the author’s reference to “The Big Guy?”

Comment by Margot Payne

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