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My Giant
June 15, 2011, 5:16 pm
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I’ve been pulling the baby things out of the closet to see what will work for the new baby and what we might need to buy or borrow. The bouncer we used with Benjamin got kind of weird and moldy during the move (it was in a POD for awhile and then in our laundry room sans air conditioning.) But Benjamin thinks it’s GRAND.

He’s been sitting in it, making it play songs, lounging and playing in it. I’m planning to attempt to wash out the nasty material and maybe I’ll keep it around just for him and find a new or gently used one for Baby Girl. The reemergence of the bouncer reminded me of Baby Benjamin’s favorite sleeping position:

The juxtaposition makes me realize that I have a young giant in my house–certainly not a baby anymore.

But we’ll have another baby in the house soon enough! Less than four months to go!

Second Trimester has been a breeze and I’m so grateful and a little sad that it’s almost over because I know the fatigue will probably be back with a vengeance for the final three months. But hey, this pregnancy has been so different from my last one, maybe I’ll get off easy? I’m actually ENJOYING being pregnant this time around. During my last pregnancy I remember thinking each night…one more day of misery down! I was honestly miserable during the entire nine months. At 5+ months I hadn’t even stopped vomiting and I felt like a truck had run over me each morning…and all day. I’m so glad this one has been different.

Some recent quotable quotes from my now giant-sized son (Note: he often uses the pronoun “you” when he talks about himself):

“I know what we should name my baby sister.”
“What, Benjamin?”
“Granola. Or Lucy Granola.”

‎”I want a little black puppy dog and I want to name him Licorice.”
“What would you do with your dog, Benjamin?”
“Poop. I’d poop with him……Or we could dance together.”

‎”The birds are singing because they’re happy!”
“Why are the birds happy, Benjamin?”
“Because you’re being so respectful to mama!”

‎”The grass is happy today! Because it got a haircut!”

‎”I would like a garbage truck and a crane, please. Not the toy kind. The BIG kind.”

Benjamin (in bed last night): “Daaaaaddy! You have a diaper probluuum!”
Daniel (from our bed): “What kind of diaper problem?”
Benjamin: “A penis problem.”
Daniel “…what happened?”
Benjamin: “You pulled out it.”

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hahaha! awesome benjamin quotes. lucy granola IS a great name.

Comment by m

he’s such a riot!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

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