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Boy or Girl?!
May 27, 2011, 12:09 pm
Filed under: Pregnancy

Today is the day. We have our big ultrasound at 12:30 and if baby is cooperative, we’ll find out whether we’re expecting another sweet little man or a precious little lady! We can’t wait to find out! Any last minute predictions?

Our predictions are as follows:

Daniel: Boy

Haley: Girl

Benjamin: “a baby boy AND a baby girl!”

Anybody wanna place a bet?

I didn’t have a chance to finish Part III of our love story last night and tonight we’re having our big anniversary celebration date so no guarantees that it will be up tonight either. Sorry, folks! I’ll have to leave you in suspense wondering, “Do they ever get together!?”

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Love the photo! Where was it taken? I have absolutely no idea re: prediction of the gender of the new baby! Although, if “like mother like daughter” is true, then maybe your second will be a girl! And, since Daniel has a sister, it’s probable that BDS will have one someday, also!
And, since this pregnancy has been much better than first, perhaps gender is girl…..just musing!

I’ll be thrilled either way, of course! Can’t wait to hear BDS response, when you tell him!

Comment by Margot Payne

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