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May 20, 2011, 8:39 pm
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Benjamin has a little best friend. His name is Ulee and Benjamin thinks he’s just grand. We met Ulee and his mama, Zemi, at library storytime and hit it off.

The boys love to go to the Jr. Museum (Tallahassee Museum, if you’re fancy) and run around and show each other all the animals. Benjamin even wrote a little song about Ulee. It’s mostly just repetition of “Ulee, Ulee, UUUUUlee!”

Check out Ulee’s avant-garde sliding technique! Benjamin opted for traditional. Cuties!

Sweet, adorable Ulee and his mommy and daddy are moving to Washington state to live on a communal farm which is so great! But we’re sad to lose such a good friend.

In other news, we’re all recovered from being sick. What I thought was food poisoning was just the worst stomach flu I’ve ever experienced. Daniel got hit with it a couple days after me and then my dad got it a couple days after him. Seriously. AWFUL. But we’re better now. Baby seems to be doing great! I’ve been feeling lots of little kicks. Here’s a belly pictures at 16 weeks (I’m almost 20 weeks, now) that Daniel took at his sister’s wedding at the beach:

I can’t believe that next weekend will be our fifth anniversary (FIFTH? has it really been that long?)! We already went on a little anniversary trip to Animal Kingdom last month but we’ll get a big present the Friday before our anniversary: our gender ultrasound! I can’t wait to know if Benjamin is getting a little sister or a little brother. We’ll find out in a week!

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Love this post!

Comment by Margot Payne

So exciting! You look beautiful, by the way. Your hair is great long.

Comment by Amy

Thanks, Amy!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

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