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Pregnancy Update
April 19, 2011, 5:05 pm
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This one was taken a couple weeks ago. I’m 15 weeks now and finally starting to feel like myself again. The 9 weeks of miserable morning sickness are mostly behind me and I’m starting to have some more energy again! My only complaint is a UTI that hasn’t gone away after 2 rounds of antibiotics, which I was loathe to take anyway. Any ideas on how to get rid of this thing? I know infections are dangerous for baby but surely antibiotics aren’t great either.

We’ll have our next appointment in a week and a half and make an appointment then for our ultrasound to find out the gender. I can’t wait to find out of Benjamin is getting a baby brother or a baby sister! At least once a day he’ll say, “Mama, tell you (meaning himself) about babies!” And we’ll talk about our new baby and how big it is in Mama’s tummy and what will happen as it grows and when it arrives. He seems thrilled although I’m sure losing the spotlight will be a huge adjustment for him.

Please pray that my UTI will go away and for continued protection over this new life. It still doesn’t seem quite real that our little family is expanding to 4. And hey! if you know of a wonderful pattern for cloth diapers let me know about it. I want to start sewing an arsenal of them.

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dont know if this helps, but when i had a uti with gabe, they gave me an awful shot in my butt. maybe you could see if there is something stronger that they can offer you. hope you feel better soon.

Comment by brittany

Thanks, Brittany. I’ll ask them about that at my next appointment. I’m gonna go in tomorrow so they can verify that I still have an infection (although I’m sure that I do b/c of my symptoms) but I’m not sure if I’ll actually see a Dr. or midwife or just leave a sample. I’m thinking I’ll need something stronger than the antibiotics they gave me but I’m not thrilled about anything that has a risk to baby. Hopefully it will be resolved soon! Can’t wait to hear that your new precious one has arrived! Easter baby perhaps?

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

Drinking cranberry juice usually helps flush out your urinary tract. Good luck!

Comment by Sheena

Your Dad & Mama are praying!

Comment by Margot Payne

Hey Haley,
This would be more of a preventative suggestion – I sometimes take Crandophilus (includes probiotic) or D-Manose w/ Cranactin (for urinary tract health)- both are by Solaray.
Aunt Amy

Comment by Amy Sweeney

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