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Some Photos and Some Griping
March 20, 2011, 1:02 pm
Filed under: Children, Farm Life, Pregnancy

I’m an optimist. I get it from my Dad. We both always assume that the best case scenario is the inevitable. If things are bad, positive change is just around the corner. Whatever project we are working on will surely take the minimum amount of time…what could go wrong? This is often a helpful trait but it goes hand-in-hand with frequent disappointment when things don’t turn out as easy as anticipated.

All that to say, my morning sickness is NOT easing up. I’ve started a fun little ritual of throwing up first thing in the morning and most evenings are filled with pretty constant nausea. Blerg. Daniel and Benjamin are at Mass without me because just after I finished my makeup and was getting dressed with 2 minutes to spare, I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Benjamin told Daniel, “um, Daddy, Mama’s saying, ‘Bleh! Bleh! to the potty!'” So I sent them off without me so I could lie down and try to rehydrate.

But enough griping. I am such a baby about feeling ill and I’m trying to remember how lucky I am to be pregnant with a healthy 10 week old little punkin’. I AM grateful and I’m trying not to be discouraged by how sick I feel.

Speaking of 10 weeks…my tummy is popping out. This was taken almost two weeks ago:

In other news, our garden is doing really well thanks to Daniel’s hard work and Benjamin’s “helping.” Benjamin mostly helps by using his little trowel to move dirt around to little hiding spots. We found a big pile of dirt in the carport where he must have thought it needed to be.

Check out this beautiful cauliflower:

I haven’t been up to taking a lot of pictures lately. Here’s an old iphone pick of our little sweet boy playing with the Tonka Dump Truck from Uncle Garrett:

And another iphone pic taken on a chilly day in front of the Brogan Museum:

In this one, apparently “Snuggle Bear” needed a snack. At least that’s what I’m told:

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