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Happy Second Birthday, Benjamin!
February 8, 2011, 2:03 am
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Dear Benjamin,

When we tucked you in tonight you were a one-year-old, but in the morning you will be TWO. You have changed so much in the past year.

Remember last year when you were just learning to walk and Daddy got you bundled up to play in the snow?

You were such a little baby!

Now you use a fork and spoon, sleep in a big boy bed, have a giant vocabulary, carry on hilarious conversations with us (and with your stuffed animals), sing songs with your precious little voice (“I’ve been working on the railroad” and “Father Abraham” which you call “Father Abrahood”), give the best hugs and kisses, say your prayers (“Our Father,” “Hail Mary”, and “Glory Be”) almost completely by yourself, love going to the Jr. Museum, the Brogan Museum, Marmee and Grandaddy’s house, Ooma and Oompa’s house, New Leaf, and the park. Your favorite things are big trucks, dinosaurs, bugs, Bigfoot, stars, cats, puppies, raisins, cookies, bacon, running, backhoes, helping Daddy in the garden, jokes, tickle fights, singing, bath time, pretending to cook, reading stories, Beauty and the Beast, cement mixers, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” yogurt covered pretzels, digging in the dirt, riding in the grocery cart, stickers, coloring, and jumping.

Can this big boy really be the same little baby we had?

You continue to amaze us, entertain us, and delight us. Your sweetness and joy enliven our days. We are so grateful that you are our little boy and are humbled by the blessing you are in our lives.

Two years ago, on February 8th, you arrived in Waco, Texas on a rainy Sunday night and changed everything. We thank God each day that you joined our family.


Mama and Daddy

For the birthday party this year we decided to keep it simple with just family and I’m glad we did. It was perfect.

Daniel’s mom got these adorable farm animal decorations. Benjamin loved them.

We did a farm-themed birthday and I made a carrot cake with carrots from our garden!  I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe with sucanat substituted for sugar. Yum.

Benjamin was so excited about having a birthday party. The night before he had trouble sleeping and crept out of bed to tell Daddy, “You’re gonna be two-years-old! You’re gonna have a birthday!” He’s still mastering pronouns, the little stinker.

Uncle Garrett, Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Travis, Marmee and Grandaddy, and Ooma and Oompa were all there to celebrate with us. I wish I’d gotten a good picture of the whole birthday crew! What was I thinking?

Uncle Garrett held the Birthday Farmer up so he could blow out his birthday candles which he was able to do all by himself!

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So well-written! I know Benjamin will treasure your loving words, as he grows older! The birthday party you planned was perfect in every way and I was so pleased to be a part of it. Still impressed by Benjamin’s good manners….

Comment by Margot Payne

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[…] Tomorrow you will wake up and you will have turned the venerable age of THREE. The twos that I have loved so much will be over.  I loved the day when you turned two. […]

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