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New Skills
February 5, 2011, 3:21 pm
Filed under: Candlemas

I want to acquire some new skills. Primarily, sewing. I found an e-course on quilting that seems pretty great on Rachel Denbow’s blog. I would love to make Benjamin a quilt for his bed. And I want to turn my wedding dress into a christening gown for future babies.

Now that I can successfully knit a scarf I need some new ideas of what to knit…and probably some assistance. Knitters, where do you find easy patterns? Are hats a good thing to work on next?

We had a great Candlemas feast this week with my brother and my mom.

Benjamin chowed down on some Butternut Polenta and Sausage and Apples. Read about it at Feast!

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Are you on Ravelry? ( You sign up and then they have to email you a code, but it’s free. Knitting patterns galore!

Comment by Kate

No! I’ve never even heard of it! I’ll check it out. Thanks, Kate!


Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

Ok, Ravelry seems amazing! I’m almost overwhelmed!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

So at first I assumed this comment was from you, because you’re the only Kate who might happen upon my blog and I put all sorts of stuff in my reply about calling to catch up and wishing you lived closer so we could knit together. Then I thought, wait! Maybe it wasn’t Kate B. but somebody else who doesn’t know me and I just creeped them out by telling them to call me and knit with me! So I removed those parts. Then I realized I could click your name and find your blog and that you are indeed the Kate I know. Sigh. What drama. I subscribed to your blog. I didn’t know you had one. Yay. Miss you!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

definitely start at ravelry… there are so many good, free patterns to use. and if you are a pretty good basic knitter, you should be able to pick up new kinds of stitches without any real trouble so that you can learn to make new things.

this website has been really helpful for me
but you tube is also a great resource for a self-taught knitter. good luck, and if a pattern comes to mind, i will be sure to pass it along!

Comment by brittany

Thanks for the resource, Brittany! I think I might try a hat next 🙂

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

Yes! Learn to quilt and then teach me! I would really love to turn some of Jax’s infant clothes that I love into a quilt.

Comment by Jeni

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