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The Weekend of a Birthday and a Big Boy Bed
January 30, 2011, 7:33 pm
Filed under: Children

Now that Daniel doesn’t have to work weekends anymore we get to have the wonderful experience of sharing Friday night through Sunday night together. Benjamin almost always goes to “Ooma” and “Oompa’s” house on Friday night and Daniel and I took the opportunity to have a date night. We got amazing Thai food then went to see The King’s Speech which was fantastic. Colin Firth and Jeffrey Rush were phenomenal and Helena Bonham Carter played a sane person, which doesn’t happen often.

Saturday morning we walked to our favorite breakfast cafe and then I finished painting our hallway trim while Daniel worked in the garden.

We picked up Benjamin after his nap and headed over to the park for our friend Lois’s birthday party. A perfect spring day! 75 degrees with just enough sun.

We snacked and then walked the kids down to the boardwalk to throw bread in the water for the turtles. It wasn’t a very successful endeavor as far as attracting turtles goes but they loved it.

I love Amanda’s cute bandana. Benjamin spent at least a half hour filling up a cup with a leaky outside faucet and pouring it out.

This occupied him for a bit and gave me a chance to chat with these pretty ladies, including the birthday girl:

Benjamin was thrilled by the water and looked at his reflection in the lake with Daddy.

After the party we went to get a guard rail for Benjamin’s new Big Boy Bed so that he could sleep in it and not fall out onto the hardwood floor. We were VERY skeptical that he was ready for a bed but he can easily climb out of his crib and it seemed like a good time to transition. So we did lots of snuggling and book readin’ before turning out the light.

Sweet boy was SO excited about his new bed. In no uncertain terms, we explained to Benjamin that if he couldn’t stay in his Big Boy Bed we would put in back in his baby crib for the night. We were sure that once we left the room we would hear the pitter patter of little feet climbing out of bed and getting into all kinds of mischief. To our great surprise he didn’t climb out ONCE and slept soundly through the night. What a little pumpkin! But the angelic streak didn’t last too long. His behavior during Mass left something to be desired but I guess he can’t be perfect ALL the time.


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