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Lemon Curd on a Rainy Holiday
January 18, 2011, 5:05 am
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The magical yellow substance in this jar is lemon curd. It’s amazing and was made by our friend, Lois. If you haven’t ever enjoyed the delectable taste of lemon curd over pastry, I’m sorry. Maybe you don’t know Lois. This is also regrettable. Lois is awesome.

The breakfast scones we slathered with lemon curd made by the lovely Lois were also awesome. Here is the scone master himself, spooning unreasonable amounts of lemon curd onto his scones.

He was sweet enough to make them almost entirely out of spelt flour (I recently found out that I have an allergy to wheat and I’m trying to cut it out of my diet.) They were delicious and didn’t have a weird taste or texture at all. Apparently spelt still has lots of gluten in it and so the final product isn’t very different from breads made with wheat flour.

Benjamin devoured his lemon curd scones with gusto. Check out his new antique solid wood high chair! It was a gift from my parents and I’m loving it. He calls it his “big boy high chair.”

We spent some of the morning playing with our new camera. Benjamin wanted to be a part of things and got out his camera (an old old camera of mine).

He built a tower with Daddy and then “took a picture” of it. He explained to me that the lego creation was “Aunt Lois’s house.” Maybe in his imagination Lois’s house is filled with many scrumptious delights as delectable as her lemon curd. If that was the case, I’d be thinking about Lois’s house all the time, too, Benjamin.

I think he’s got the camera backwards, but no matter.

What a silly sweet boy. We had to spend the whole rainy day inside and he was a jewel.  This evening we celebrated the Feast of St. Anthony of the Desert. Details at Feast!

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That kid has the funniest smile around. And sorry to hear about the wheat allergy. Sounds like your cooking is about to get a lot more innovative.

Comment by Katherine

He is such a hoot. So silly. Yeah, I don’t break out in hives or anything, but my tummy seems to prefer a wheatless diet. And I generally feel much better if I avoid it…but I doubt that I’ll ever be able to completely cut it out… I mean…it’s just so good.

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

You are making ME hungry for curd again! I haven’t even tried it on scones yet. (Should I tell you that we ate it like pudding the first time? amazing.)

Also, this reminded me to give you the recipe: (Yes, the tart is another good avenue to consume lemon curd.) I think I need to try lime or orange curd before citrus season ends…or grapefruit. That might be too wacky.

I feel so special getting such blog praise. But more special that Benjamin made me a house!

Comment by Lois

Love that smile! 🙂

Comment by Jeni

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