Carrots for Michaelmas: Musings of a Catholic Wife, Mother, and Occasional Redhead

November 28, 2010, 7:44 pm
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We have a lot to be thankful for.

Including family and friends at our table, November in Florida when you can still eat outside and not freeze, good food, work, and home.

And especially this sweet smile:

Still as sweet as on his first Thanksgiving:

I don’t take our little one for granted and I’m grateful for each day I get to spend as his mother.

Kitchen Helper
November 23, 2010, 3:46 pm
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One of Little Bear’s very favorite things is “helping” in the kitchen. He will beg us to let him “help you! help you!” Dumping ingredients in a bowl and stirring is so fun he about loses his mind. He also likes to put on this robot apron and then check himself out in the mirror to see how adorable his image is. He’s helping Daddy make crackers here.

Yesterday after the baptism we had a little reception at our house with cookies and coffee followed by a playdate with this little gingersnap.

Apparently Benjamin finds putting stickers on his face really interesting. Augi played a game called “Try to Eat Some Crayons.”

Then Benjamin shared his special cabinet and they gave each other hugs. I almost had a cute attack.

Yeah it’s grainy. I only had time to reach for my phone.

Benjamin’s Baptism
November 23, 2010, 3:28 pm
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Yesterday afternoon at 2pm, Benjamin Daniel was baptized at our parish church.

We are thankful for the presence of family and friends that witnessed this special day with us.

He is to walk always as a child of the light.

Almond Crescents for Martinmas
November 12, 2010, 5:37 pm
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We wanted to celebrate the Feast of St. Martin but kept it a simple family dinner during this difficult week when our thoughts and prayers are with our dear friends and their loss.

I was teaching ballet until the evening but Daniel and Benjamin made a little feast for us. On the menu was Sauteed Zucchini with Bacon, Pecorino Romano, and Neufchatel and a Salad of fresh Arugula and Baby Lettuce with Cherry Tomatoes. Benjamin helped Daniel harvest lettuce and herbs from the garden and thought it was great fun.

St. Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier, encountered a beggar while he was riding his horse one day. In order to clothe the poor man, he tore his military cloak into two pieces and gave half to the beggar. He then dreamed that Jesus was wearing the cloak and telling the angels that Martin had clothed him. Daniel found a recipe for St. Martin’s Day Cookies which are crescent shaped to represent the horseshoes of St. Martin’s horse.

November 11, 2010, 2:17 pm
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It’s been a hard week and I don’t know what words to use.

Dear friends of ours had a sweet baby born into heaven on Monday morning. They lost their precious baby girl, Ava, at 38 weeks after what had previously been a low-risk pregnancy. Completely unexpected. Utterly unthinkable. I cannot wrap my mind around this kind of grief and my heart is broken for them.

Ava’s parents are trusting in God’s unceasing love for them and are unfathomably inspiring and amazing people.

Yet, the tragedy is incomprehensible to me. I have found comfort in Our Lady’s intercession. For she knows what it is to love a child and then to lose that beloved child. Please pray for Ava’s parents and grandparents and pray also that God would guide us to know how to be good friends to them as they mourn the loss of their precious little daughter who is resting in the arms of her Heavenly Father.


Our House, Part V: Benjamin’s Cabinet
November 4, 2010, 6:21 pm
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This is Benjamin’s Cabinet. When we’re cooking he will climb into his cabinet that houses his cracked blue colander that he likes to wear as a hat or sit on. After 10 seconds of silence he’ll say, “Where’s Benjamin?!” and then pop out and laugh uproariously.

His fat little tummy just kills me.

Here he is playing a little ditty on the penny whistle. It makes the most dreadful sounds but keeps him entertained for at least 2 minutes together. Is it worth it? We haven’t decided yet. Sorry about the bad photo. I hate using the flash but he’s constantly moving and without it, everything looks blurry because of his constant state of motion. Someday I’ll get a fancy schmancy camera.

Soul Cakes for All Saints’
November 2, 2010, 3:27 pm
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November 1st is All Saints’ Day when we honor and remember the faithful saints and martyrs through out the centuries, known and unknown.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us, “Exactly as Christian communion among our fellow pilgrims brings us closer to Christ, so our communion with the saints joins us to Christ” (957). Also known as Hallowmas, All Saints’ Day marks the middle of Hallowtide comprised of All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, and All Souls’ Day. Hallow is a derivative of the Old English word for holy or sacred (think “hallowed be thy name”) and “all Hallows” means “all saints.”

This year to celebrate this special day Daniel took off work and we brought this little guy to Mass.

We put some clothes on him and made him leave his pumpkin at home. Last week’s attempt to take him to Mass was disastrous. He was SO loud and SO squirmy and had to be removed several times before we gave up and took him out to the car whilst he sobbed and screamed, “G-g-g-g-go b-b-ba-back in-in-in-si-si-side!” So we weren’t expecting to be able to stay for the entire Mass yesterday but were pleasantly surprised when he did fantastic. He said nary a word and sat on our laps with a minimum of squirming. We did let him hold a plastic rosary so that his busy little hands had something to do and I think that helped. We were so happy to be able to worship as a family on All Saints’ and followed up the Mass with a big breakfast of bacon and eggs.

In the evening we had our friends Elizabeth and Daniel over for feasting. They brought a delicious salad to add to Daniel’s yummy concoctions: Pumpkin-Leek-Potato Soup, Beer Bread, and Soul Cakes.

Here’s a picture of the Daniels and our half-eaten feast. I forgot to take a picture until we were almost done.

The delicious soul cakes! Kind of like autumnal scones with nutmeg and raisins and a topping of powdered sugar. Benjamin kept calling them pancakes and cupcakes. This morning he wanted them for breakfast. “Soul cakes, yay!” he said. They are great and supposedly a traditional dish during Hallowtide when they were given out to the poor, probably the precursor to trick or treating.

A soul, a soul, a soul cake, please good missus, a soul cake, one for Peter, two for Paul, three for Him who made us all…

So glad Elizabeth and Daniel shared our feast with us!