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Our House, Part IV: The Library
October 29, 2010, 6:57 pm
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We’re book people and we need lots of shelf space for all our books.

We have only just now begun to use our third bedroom. When we moved in it became apparent that the resident of this bedroom had been a smoker and the room just reeked of cigarettes. We painted and cleaned but the smell was still overwhelming. My dad looked into the matter and painted everything with a special paint that completely seals in the smoke and nicotine. Special paint. That’s the technical term. He and Daniel painted the walls and ceiling and took apart all the built-ins to clean and paint them as well. So now the stench is pretty much completely gone and we started unpacking our books. When it’s completely finished, the room will serve as our library/study/office/movie room until the other bedrooms are overflowing with babies. At that point we plan to make the library our bedroom and turn the bedroom into a baby room.

Check out these built-ins! All the open shelves used to be covered with doors like a closet and painted the color of vomit. I think a wall of books is so pretty.

Here’s the view into the hallway. And yeah, we haven’t put the plate back on the light switch. Get over it.

Currently our only place to sit in the room is this rocker. Gonna try to remedy that soon so that we can have people over to watch movies and actually offer them a place to sit. Also note that the walls aren’t orangey like they appear in this picture. It’s just the lighting.

This side of the room obviously needs some work. We’re going to paint that bookshelf, probably white. I’d like to have a curtain or something to cover up the TV when we’re not using it. Maybe someday we’ll even go so far as to unpack our boxes of office stuff.

Daniel and my Dad put pretty touches on the edges of the shelves. Can you see it in this picture?

And just one more picture of those beautiful built-ins. Thank you Dad and Daniel for putting so much time into getting it livable!

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