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Our House, Part II: The Kitchen
September 15, 2010, 3:43 pm
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So I waited for a day when the kitchen was somewhat tidy to take some pictures. This post is primarily an attempt to make John, one of our previous housemates, jealous and convince him to move with his lovely wife to Tallahassee and come cook with us. We miss you, Sterchis!

Our house was built in the 40s but the kitchen was recently renovated and we adore it. This door opens into the laundry room. The other side of the kitchen is open into the dining room.

I love the stainless steel appliances, the oak cabinets, and the original pine floors. Don’t you want to come visit, John?

There is tons of counter space to store yummy veggies from our CSA or our garden!

Gas stove, John! Buy your ticket, already! Make us a lemon souffle! Of note: the bottom cabinet to the right is empty and Benjamin has claimed it as his own. He likes to climb in, close the door, and pop out with a sneaky grim.

I love cooking in this kitchen. It’s really where we spend most of our time. And it will be even more fun to hang out there when the weather turns cool and the warmth of the oven is enjoyable instead of oppressive. Are you sold, John? When shall we expect you?

There are no pictures of the sink and opposite countertops because I was too lazy to dry the dishes and put them away. Sad, but true.

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I love your house! It’s so cute! I hope Jax and I can come visit again soon. 🙂

Comment by Jeni

Thanks! And I’d love that! Can’t wait until the weather gets cool and we can stroll the boys around the neighborhood!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

i love it!!! i want to come so badly!!!! I can bake. I’m good at cookies and cupcakes. I can bake cookies and cupcakes in that kitchen. 🙂 hopefully over christmas, sterchi-stewart reunion family time. love love love

Comment by KATE

i can’t wait for sterchi-stewart holiday! i want december to be here already. miss you so!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

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