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Our House, Part I: Benjamin’s Room and Benjamin, the Artist
September 7, 2010, 2:29 pm
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Folks have been demanding pictures of our house. We bought a precious house built in the ’40s in midtown Tallahassee in June and we are loving having our very own place. Now that I’m done with my classes I am actually getting some house things done, like unpacking us, which is very exciting and we’re almost done with painting.

I’ve taken pictures of Little Bear’s room which was a despicable peachy vomit color. We chose a pale yellow for the walls and a bright blue for the built-ins.

It’s still pretty bare and I haven’t done a window treatment yet. Any ideas for that? I love the pirate map of Florida that Daniel’s folks gave us and we have since added a beautiful icon that Brandon gave to Benjamin last Easter.

I love these built-ins, a huge closet and big drawers, because they have amazing storage and look pretty so a lot of furniture like dressers, etc is uneccessary making the room look big.

I keep most of Benjamin’s diaper stuff in the bottom left drawer and just change him on the changing mat in the bottom left corner. He’s always been so squirmy that we have been changing him on the floor or on a bed since he learned to roll over.

Here’s Benjamin “chilling” on the mat Marianna gave us. I put chilling in quotes because he obviously still MOVING like always, kicking his little legs. And I love the precious diaper holder my mom got us.

A Portrait of the Artist and his Creation. Benjamin was playing with our homemade playdough in the kitchen floor while I made dinner last night and he decided to stick all his little fisher price animals in his “pie” as he called it.

Here’s a close up. Looks like Lion is having some trouble.

Little Bear had very strong opinions about where each animal should go. I tried to place the sheep somewhere and the Artist clearly expressed that no, indeed, the sheep’s place in the animal pie is somewhere else entirely.

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Oh! The blue built ins are brilliant! I love the house. I need a pic of your raised beds. We have two new raised beds too. I’ll send pics if you do!!

Comment by Holly @ Times Two

I will try to take some pictures this week!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

Love it! The blue drawers are adorable!

Comment by Kate


Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

[…] This is Lucy and my closet. The bedroom has these awesome built-ins just like The Library and Benjamin’s Room. […]

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