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A bit too young?
August 25, 2010, 12:38 pm
Filed under: Children

Benjamin will be 19 months old on my 25th birthday, September 8th. He is already trying to convince me to let him drink coffee.

This morning after he spotted my mug and begged, “coffee! hot coffee! see it! taste it!” I allowed him to smell my coffee with the proviso that he not drink it or stick his hand in the cup (a common occurrence in our household). He carefully obeyed, giving the coffee a good sniff. According to Benjamin, I should let him “drink it” because he would really “like it.” Sorry, babe. Ask again in a decade or so.

In other news, Benjamin’s favorite outfit these days is a combination of these slippers and just a diaper:

It’s a little bit awesome. 

This morning has included a reading of “Mike Mulligan”  and snuggling in Mama and Daddy’s bed, breakfast and coffee (for Mama and Daddy only), watching the rest of the world wake up while listening to Page France and considering the endless possibilities of today…

Sorry about the iphone pics! We finally unpacked our camera cord only to discover that we don’t know where our camera is….any ideas?

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