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Updates: Lambs and Cloth Wipes
March 16, 2010, 9:51 pm
Filed under: Children, Farm Life, Green Living

St. Patrick is one of my very favorite saints. So, I’m very excited about his feast day tomorrow. It will also be good to celebrate a feast after a few weeks of Lent. More on the menu and the saint tomorrow or Thursday.

In other news, our third ewe had twins so we have five little lambs skipping around in our back pasture. As we’re moving in May across several states and into the city, anybody want to buy some sheep? Our flock is impressively fertile.

And for an update on the cloth wipes: I love them. They’re easy to use and easy to wash and they smell really clean after being washed. The one problem I’ve encountered is that even in air-tight containers, they start to smell moldy after a couple of days of sitting in the tea tree/lavender solution. I know that some people use a spray bottle of solution and just spray it directly on the wipe or the little bottom. Little bear is just so squirmy during diaper changes that one more step isn’t appealing. Thoughts from any cloth-using mamas?

As for Little Bear, he is still enjoying his swing.

A lot.

He’s also still trying to eat flowers.

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