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It’s a problem.
November 9, 2009, 7:59 pm
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I have a problem.  It’s an addiction to audio books.

It all started with this man, Jim Dale:


He read this:


I listened to it and the other six Potter audio books on road trips from Texas to Florida. I listened to them constantly during my 5 months of miserable nausea during my pregnancy.  Jim Dale was the only cure. I read that infants in utero can recognize their mother’s voice and their father’s voice.  I knew that the most familiar voice to my baby would probably be Jim Dale’s, instead.  And I was ok with that.

The addiction was reborn when he narrated this show:


I was so addicted that I had to listen to this in the midst of the oppressive Texas August:


I thought I could get a hold of myself and end the addiction with this audiobook narrated by somebody else:


But last week I caved and it was back to Jim reading this:


And when I ran out of Peter Pan, I just started right back at the beginning with Harry Potter

I am powerless before his golden voice. Does he read anything else? Help me.

And you should probably see this:

bds137and this:

bds138and this for good measure:bds139

Hopefully there will be more observing of the liturgical year happening soon, definitely once I’m not working full-time anymore starting in January. I’ve been compiling some great resources on the Christian Year which I hope to post soon. I hoped that a few pictures of the little boy would appease my readership until that day.  And when I say “my readership,” I am referring to my one reader, my mother. They are one and the same. Let’s be honest.

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I read you! Not regularly, of course, but often enough. Can I borrow Peter Pan? Yes?

Comment by Eleanor Lewis

YES. I’ll get it to you tonight. You’ll love it!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

I read too. I’m a reader!

Comment by Garrett

Sweet Haley, you have another faithful reader…your “other mother”.
I love you, Mom

Comment by Carole Stewart

Love you, too, sweet Mom!

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

And you have a reader in the icy wilds of New England, of course.

(On the audio books side, the Narnia recordings are great if you avoid the BBC theatre ones. Patrick Stewart does Last Battle — ha!)

Comment by Katherine Bowers

I want it! Daniel is a little bit obsessed with Patrick Stewart and asked if we can name a future baby boy Jean-Luc. Obviously not.

Comment by carrotsformichaelmas

My Dear Daughter,

I am glad for the above confirmed proof of your other faithful readers. As a fellow blog writer, it is gratifying to read comments, isn’t it? Otherwise, blogging is like writing to an abyss; it is a little unnerving. However, a few comments perks you right up, do they not?
I’ll be looking forward to future installments. I so enjoyed this most recent update, including the illustrations and photos!

Coram Deo,

Comment by Margo Payne

Just stumbled upon your blog today and enjoying it as I hold sleeping 17month baby boy (and type with one thumb). Loved your birth stories. Hoping to read more about your conversion to Catholicism if you have in fact blogged about it. Just had to comment to recommend Jim dale reading James herriotts animal stories for children – so good!

Comment by Mandy

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